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At BZ customising the appearance of your airsoft gun to comply with legislation is a process we handle with precision and expertise. Here's a brief overview of how we execute the two-toning process and some examples of previous work. To learn about the requirements for purchasing non two-toned Airsoft rifles and pistols, click here.

  1. Professional Disassembly: Our skilled technicians disassemble the airsoft rifle meticulously, separating its components to prepare for the painting process. This step is crucial to ensure each part is treated appropriately.

  2. Quality Primer Application: We apply a specialized primer designed for the material of your airsoft rifle. This primer serves as the foundation for the paint, ensuring it adheres uniformly and provides a durable finish.

  3. Skillful Painting Technique: Our technicians apply multiple thin and even coats of paint using precision spray techniques. This method ensures a smooth, flawless finish while avoiding any drips or uneven coverage.

  4. Protective Lacquer Application: To enhance durability and protect the paint, we apply two coats of high-quality lacquer. This lacquer acts as a protective layer, shielding the paint from scratches, abrasions, and environmental elements.

  5. Professional Reassembly: Once the paint and lacquer have cured, our experts meticulously reassemble the airsoft rifle, paying close attention to detail to ensure all parts fit perfectly without causing any damage to the protected surfaces.

All rifles and pistols available from BZ can be two-toned, simply select the "Two Tone" option from the Defence drop down box. Alternatively, you can shop our selection of pre-two toned rifles and pistols here.