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Loyalty Points - BZ

Earn points as you shop with BZ Loyalty Points*
Every time you make an online purchase with BZ, you'll receive points based on the value of the products you purchase. The number of points available for a product will be displayed on each product page. Normally, this will be 1 point for each pound spent online.
Once you've placed your order and it has been processed at our end and marked as shipped, your Loyalty Points will be available to redeem on your next order at the checkout. You can choose to redeem some of your points, all of your points, or you may simply choose to redeem none and keep saving for a bigger saving on your next order.
Each point is worth 1p (so 100 points = £1 pound, 1000 points = £10 pound) off your chosen order.
*Applies only to customers who choose to open an account online rather than checkout as a guest.
Terms and Conditions

When you enroll in the Loyalty Points Program, you agree to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions. BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd reserves the right at any time and from time to time, without notice, to add to, remove from, change or terminate the Program; for example, BZ Paintball Supplies may change the Program benefits,  credit levels, Program affiliations or redemption offers at any time without notice. Participants are responsible for accessing these sites in order to keep informed of Program features applicable to Participants' rights and responsibilities with regard to the Program. 

When you obtain Loyalty Points, you have obtained a limited license from BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd as described in the these Program Terms and Conditions. Accrued Loyalty Points are not your property.  Loyalty Points are not transferable under any conditions, including upon a Participant's death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or in any other matter, and any purported transfer or exchange of  Loyalty Points is null and void. Accrued  Loyalty Points may not be combined with any other Program Participant's  Loyalty Points. All accrued  Loyalty Points will be forfeited upon your withdrawal from or termination of the Program.


To the fullest extent allowed by law, BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd retains ownership rights in any and all Loyalty Points and grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use Loyalty Points only as specifically designated by BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd as part of the Program. In the event that your account is cancelled or terminated by you or by BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd for any reason, then you will no longer have the right to use any Loyalty Points stored in or otherwise associated with your account, without any compensation to you or any liability of BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd. Once Loyalty Points are deleted from your account, they will not be reinstated, except at BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd's sole discretion. 


The availability of any feature or aspect of the Program cannot be guaranteed. The existence of a particular offer available for redemption of Loyalty Points is not a commitment by BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd to maintain or continue to make such offers in the future. Loyalty Points required for any redemption offer may increase at any time. The scope, variety and type of offers that may be available for redemption of Loyalty Points can change at any time. BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd have no obligation to continue making offers available for redemption of Loyalty Points. In addition, we may limit your use Loyalty Points stored in your account, including applying limits to: the number of Loyalty Points you may have stored in or credited to your account balance at one time, the number of Loyalty Points you may redeem within a given time period, or the number of Loyalty Points you may obtain per promotion. We also may remove Loyalty Points from your account if they are posted to your account in connection with an activity that is subsequently voided, cancelled or involves a return.

Participant Eligibility

  • Only one Loyalty Points account allowed per individual.
  • Provision of false information or omission of any information requested on any Program enrolment or redemption form or receipt may be grounds for denial of enrolment and/or accrual of Loyalty Points in the Participant's account.

Points Redemption

    • All redemption offers are subject to availability. Certain restrictions may apply to specific redemption offers.
    • After a Participant has redeemed Loyalty Points, the Participant will not be able to exchange, refund or return the credits for redeposit in the Participant's account.
    • By redeeming a Loyalty Point, the Participant releases BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd, subsidiaries and affiliates from any and all liability regarding the Program or any redemption or use of Loyalty Points credits. BZ Paintball Supplies Ltd is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen or mutilated gift certificates, merchandise or anything else obtained by redemption of Loyalty Points

How Loyalty Points Add Up

When you Spend You will earn
 £1  1 Points
 £1000  1000 Points
    • If you believe that you have validly obtained any Loyalty Points credits that have not posted to your account, then you must contact us within 1 month after the date you claimed to have obtained Loyalty Points. You acknowledge and agree that we may require reasonable documentation to support your claim and our resolution of your claim after our internal customer service review processes will be considered binding and final by you. Not all products have points applied to them or points equal to the value in the table above.